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CUREE is an internationally acknowledged centre of expertise in evidence-based practice in all sectors of education. Led by our Chief Executive, Philippa Cordingley our staff use their knowledge and skills in teaching, research, communications and knowledge management to produce high quality research, CPD and tools and resources.

We work with and for schools and colleges, academy chains, teaching schools and other clusters and alliances, with professional associations, universities, and government departments and agencies in the UK and worldwide. All our work is underpinned by our values of directness of communication, fidelity to the evidence, excellence and value for money.

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Pockets of Excellence – Beacon or Blindspot?

To accompany the release of the New Standard for CPD, Philippa Cordingley has produced a special blog which can be found below. Read the the New Standard at www.gov.uk/government/publications/standard-for-teachers-professional-development 


It’s a no brainer isn’t it? A pocket of excellence is A GOOD THING! So we celebrate it and shout about it - especially if we are in a school which needs to pick up momentum in accelerating pupils’ progress. Everyone needs a boost, and catching people being great does that. Next thing to do is grow it and use it to lever up practice. Oh and another good thing to do is make good use of the team behind it.

Featured Resource

How does the FE and Skills Sector become Self-Improving?

What if the Further Education and Skills Sector Became a Genuinely Self-improving System with the Trust and Capacity to Determine its Own Future?

Philippa Cordingley and Paul Crisp's essay with this title has been published as part of a collection, funded by the Further Education Trust for Leadership (FETL), edited by RSA. The full publication is available here. The essay poses three questions and offers some suggested responses. There no recommendations in the essay itself but three are put forward elsewhere in the publication

The Further Education and Skills sector needs a plan of action to improve sectoral self-concept from the current position they characterise as an counterproductive combination of victimhood and sales-driven public engagement by providers.

Three areas need change: